About Us

Who we are

BluBag Delivery Services is specialized in baggage transportation and has a mission: offer its Customer Airlines best integrated network solutions throughout France.

Our organization relies on a hardcore of highly reliable and performing delayed baggage delivery companies, the BluBag partners, which build our network and have an established record amongst our Customer Airlines in their field of expertise.

BluBag service partners will provide you with the fastest and best price customized solution to deliver throughout our network in France all your mishandled baggage.

BluBag offers its partners an organizational support as well as its contracting and customer relations management know-how, to the sole benefit of its Customers Airlines.

Why Choose Us

Our vision of an air transport market triggered by a significant shift in the travel habits with an ever increasing intermodality between the modern transport networks, combined with the end of a unique transport model (i.e. all by plane or all by rail) encourages us to develop “off-airport” activities as well as the direct sale to passengers of services linked with the transportation of their baggage regardless of their mode of transport.

The off-airport is meant to move services such as passenger and hold baggage check-in from conventional airport facilities to other locations such as railway stations and cruise ports, among others, and can only be realized in partnership and with the know-how of a Specialist mastering the most worldwide used departure control system, namely Altea/Amadeus and this regardless of air/rail/sea or road transport. That’s why BluBag has teamed-up with MBAviation in order to develop in France services already widely expanding elsewhere in the world.

It’s a significant added-value for our valuable Customers to work in cooperation with our dedicated Team customized on the trends set in the field of passenger and baggage transportation. We wish to help you get on board this shifting trend on your side in the final interest of our common customer, the Passenger.

our advantages


We offer the Best Price Policy for our Customers through a better control, streamlining and optimization of its cost base.


Better reliability over the long run through an interactive business relationship.


We are dedicated to providing high quality Management and Customer Relationship based on extensive experience and knowledge.